Westron tv; bijapur and keema ball masala

I don't know how to capture where I am right now. In a ksrtc local bus to bijapur from hospet (hampi). The sun has not come out since morning; and it will rain, the wind is moist and heavy. We are stopping at every bus stop; we are overtaking everything in between every bus stop; audioslave has been playing on my pod. I am on the single front seat next to the driver; u could say riding shotgun again.

Keema balls masala + 5 chapatis.
Someone got sick of veg balls manchurian, and decided to make some non veg balls. Very exotic fusion cuisine. Need a cigarette.

Post mid night:213, Hotel Pearl, Bijapur
Have any of you had a westron tv. This hotel room has one. It plays a slideshow of "hello" when you switch it on, and of "bye bye" when u switch it off. The things we trip on. Lol!

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