Amit agrawal and delhi cops

Some weeks back amit, samrat and me were at this bar called 4S in defence colony. Since amit was in the elation+depression state which comes with leaving a job, we were each down some 7-10 drinks down by the time we left. It did not help also that aju john, and some other randoms from rainmaker were also drinking in the same place and they had some really cute chicks. Samrat was driving the car, amit was riding shotgun and me in the back seat.

There was a nakabandi on the only entrance from def col. There was no way we were getting through an alcohol test.

Constable: gadi roko!

Amit slides window down (and he has had the most amongst us): vakilon ko to chod do.

1 am. It is new tactic for the constable; he has not met anyone who admits to being drunk and still wants to go. He looks back to his posse who don't give any indication.

Amit calmly lights a cigarette.

Constable points at the back of the car: yeh kaun he?

Amit: vakilon ke dost vakil hi hote hain.

Constable understands here is a big man, and let's us through.

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