Why Dhoni should remain captain.

I just have a couple of pointers, that I will articulate for the sake of my sanity (which is, I guess, behind every fan's passionate discussion about their team) - (i) a team cannot be fully dropped, as then there is no transition process and learning process, which everyone agrees, is massively needed in the jump from domestic to international cricket; (ii) still people have to be dropped based on performance, otherwise work-reward culture is not established; so basically people have to be dropped so long as they are not affecting the need set out in (i); (iii) a captain, a senior bowler and a senior batsman are best people to hand down the lessons learn't; (iv) a captain is as good as his bowlers, and to a lesser extent, his batsmen. When does a captain fail - when the players fail, or when he fails to motivate the players. I believe that a captain can never motivate the players to change from zero to hero. And in our case, all players (apart from kohli and pujara now) have been a zero for the last 2 years. So its unfair and irresponsible to first change the Captain (keeping in mind point (i) and (iii)), before changing the non-performing batsmen and bowlers. (v) There is one other situation when a captain might fail - when he fails to hold his own place, and that causes a problem to the team, which is a situation which has happened to Ganguly. Dhoni is still a very effective wicketkeeper. Dhoni has not performed as a Batsman in tests - but no worse than the other batsmen. Keeping in mind that he is the captain, and wicketkeeper, and definitely has batting talent if not the scores in the recent past, and keeping in mind the points mentioned before regarding the learning process, he should be kept in the team till the other batting and bowling issues are sorted.

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