Heading on 30

December 2, 2012

By 30, a man is supposed to have completed his apprenticeship for the rest of life. Obviously professional apprenticeship counts first, but having worked for 5 years, I think I can tick of that.

So what else does one need to know, which are skills useful for the rest of life, which are mostly, skills of leisure. What are, in my eyes, the skills I need to learn before I become 30 in Jan 2014, in 1 year and 2 months -

1) Become a P1 paragliding pilot. In case I need to make a quick escape from the top of a mountain.

Paragliding has to be done before the rains start so that gives us a timeframe till monsoons next year.

2) Hold a PADI scuba diving openwater license. For all those Waterworld doomsday scenarios.

Scuba diving can be done any time of the year in South East Asia.

3) Run a marathon - men were hunter gatherers once, and can be again.

Aim to be running half marathon distances by Feb, and then pick up again aiming winter next year for the full marathorn.

4) Cycle a 100km ride once.

Cycling is the easiest of the aims. Should be done before this year is over.

5) Swim an olympic length.

Will have to start in summer months, and slowly build it up. Will use to substitute running/cycling in the summer months.

6) Learn a western musical instrument well enough that I can hold an audience of 3 people - that is, the eventual wife and the irritating kid. Eastern musical instrument cannot be done in 1 year. Saxophone? Flute? Something which can be carried easily.

7) Climb a 6000m peak. Stok Kangri? Chamser Kangri?

Has to be done between June-September in Ladakh.

8)  Learn how to ski properly.

Skiing can only be done in the month of Feb and Mar of 2013, in India in Gulmarg. 2-3 weekends in Gulmarg.

9) To have written a book, published or not.

Has to be started now. Otherwise it is not happening.

10) Learning some basic martial arts/self defence.

The easiest way is to start learning krav maga - short courses, and probably most effective. To end up in Eskrima after that, if it is possible to learn that in Delhi/wherever I am. Earlier bad experiences in shotokan karate notwithstanding.

Some of  these require a lot of money. Some require a lot of leave. Most require a lot of commitment, and overall this plan requires discipline. But as I see it, these are the crucial months.

This, of course, requires a soundtrack.

Bull in the Heather - Sonic Youth

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