I have been taking snaps in north India with the Nokia 808 Pureview for the last 3 months while it is being used as my primary phone. 

All photos below had a slight amount of sharpening/levels adjustment - as much as I would do for any photographs taken with an DSLR.

For anyone considering this phone - summary of the experience is that if you need a camera phone - get this. If you need a smartphone, get the android. It will do most things as well as android/iphone, but it won't make feel happy enough or flashy enough as a smartphone user. As a cameraphone user, you are on top of the world.

Camera Review - still getting used to it. 
The good parts to the camera can be seen in the images below. The two major cons to the camera are:

1) Not having shutter speed control sucks. Big time. I end up not using the creative mode at all. Manual ND control is no substitute.
2) Red eye is present in every flash photograph. And as you would know, removing the red eye away in a flash photograph makes the eyes look white eyes.
3) Distortion due to size of lens is visible in landscape photographs. 

Phone Review 
SMS - Ok. MMS - not used. NFC- not used.

1) Calls are good and do not drop. Loud and clear.
2) Loudspeaker is good.
3) Bluetooth pairing with Laptop - good.
4) Battery - Lasts me a 24+ hours with no 3g usage.
5) FM transmitter - beat that android/iphone. No need of aux wire in car/home. seriously, nokia, you have been washing away a gold mine.
6) Nokia Internet Radio - awesome app. 

1) WIFI - keeps dropping, even with home network. Use mostly for Whatsapp, and  Internet radio. 
2) Mail - have been trying to sync 2 gmail ids, via Nokia mail - still not successful. Mail app is quite bad, almost unusable.
3) No automatic switching to Wifi, when available.
4) Nokia Drive while being very good, doesn't allow custom waypoints.     

Third Party Apps
Most used - 
1) Facinate - Works well on Wifi but not on 2g network. Limited but good functionality. 
2)  Opera Mini - lifesaver app. Only grouse is that one has to manually change the Internet Access settings when moving from Wifi to network. 
3) Whatsapp - works awesomely. No need of any other msging app for me.

This post is updated from time to time.

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